Welcome All!

You’ve arrived at the homepage of a junkie for learning. Here, you can read about everything I have discovered and am still discovering — through writing, innovative design plans, and data graphics.

Journalism provides a fantastic lens of the world, where the art of writing and the science of data organically combine. As a journalist, I actively work everyday to disprove that the arts and sciences are separate entities. I work to counter the notion that we can’t be both architects of infrastructure, and architects of thoughtful conversation. If we think in binaries, art and science simply become two misnomers for the blended world in which we live — a world that is natural and man-made, physical and intellectual — a world whose components are constantly interacting. Often, one is incapable of existing without the other.  Why can’t facts be beautiful, and music be mathematical? The delicate pipetting of a solution onto a whitewashed surface then becomes just as awe-inspiring as listening to Chopin’s Ballade No. 1, eyes closed.


“All good writing is swimming               under water and holding your breath.”          ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald